A Life Mantra That Serves You

Life isn’t about perfection, but it is about learning to dance in the rain and living with your glass half full. It can be hard to look past negativity. Sometimes our mind wants to focus on the worst case scenario or past experience. Our brain’s are actually wired to activate our internal reward system when we feel negative emotions like shame, guilt and worry. No wonder it’s so difficult to move on from these ruminating thoughts! But, in today’s day and age we also are striving to achieve our best, highest self. This means we have the power to override this and become our own hero through a personal mantra.

Mantras help shift our mindset to focus on positivity and are meant to inspire, encourage, and motivate you to be your best self. They’re an ancient form of self-healing and can be found all around us in meditations, songs, quotes, and even on social media (i.e instaquotes and pinterest boards). There are so many out there, but it is important to find or create the one that is unique to you and serves you the best in this moment. Life is constantly in a state of change along with the situations we need to cope with. The mantra you are using today might not be the same mantra you used a year ago or the year before that. For several years, my mantra was:

 “It’s a good day to have a good day” 

That served me very well for a long time. It helped me get through some dark days and to see the light in everything around me. Recently, I found that it no longer served my life as it stands right now. So I created a new one:

 “I am strong, I am capable, I am in control, and no one can take that away from me.” 

 Is it on the longer side? Yes? Does it serve its purpose right now? Yes Yes Yes! 

When creating a mantra its important to keep a few things in mind:

  1. Write down what you want most in life, in this moment, right now. Personally, I needed to know that no one can control me. I am my own person that is regaining her power. I have my my own ideas and actions and like my mantra says, no one can take that away from me. No matter what you are trying to cultivate, the more authentic to you this is, the better it will serve you. 
  2. Turn it into a declarative statement. Start with using “I” to call on yourself to enact change. 
  3. Keep it short, sweet and positive. This adds to its strength and helps retrain your mind to thinking about optimism. Your mind and body is like a rubber band, the more you do something the more your body will remember it. 
  4. Cite your mantra over and over again and say it like you mean it. This especially holds true when your desires are challenged. 
  5. Put it in places that you will see it. I found it helpful to change my laptop screen since I am on my computer so much. You can also put it on your mirror, in a note on your phone, set it as a daily reminder, on the fridge or anywhere that you might find it useful. 

These are by no means hard and fast rules that you have to abide by. After all, it is your personal mantra so curate it around what supports and encourages you the most. You don’t need approval from anyone but yourself. 

Play around with the phrasing of the mantra. It maybe be a phrase or one word, but when you hit on the right one, you’ll know. Once you’ve landed on your perfect mantra for right now, use it as frequently as you can. Remind yourself of it every single day. This is a powerful tool that can and will help you if you allow it to. I find it particularly helpful to say it in my head or out-loud 3-5 times before I get out of bed in the morning, then again throughout the day when I’m dealing with a hard task or letting negative thoughts creep in. It has brought me so much joy and strength — I hope you find the same peace. 

If you have a personal mantra,  I’d love to hear it! Leave it in the comments to share with others how YOU create motivation, happiness and success in your own life.


4 thoughts on “A Life Mantra That Serves You

  1. Wow. So helpful and true. My mantra was… i am whole, competent, and complete. I am enough. That is what I needed at that point in time. It helped me grow past that point in my life. I bloomed to a better me now. Happiness realized

  2. Thank you so much for the post I loved it! With everything going on in the world I’ve been working from home and have had a lot of time to journal and work on my vision board! Manifesting my BEST life they say — the article was able to help me tweak my manifestation techniques in order to make more direct & declarative statements. I can’t wait to see what tips you guys have for us next! Much love ❤️

    1. We are so glad to hear this article has helped with your manifestation techniques! Vision boards are so incredibly helpful and proven to actually work — cudos to you for taking matters into your own hands ❤️❤️

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