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Avoiding Burnout at Work

We’ve all been there. Exhausted from a sport, work, school, life… It’s real and easy to feel overwhelmed when the pressure is on to meet a deadline or push your body. Not to mention we live in a digitally driven world where you can simply forget the balance between work life and personal time. But, rather it is imperative to find harmony between the two. Especially in pandemic times where you are dealing with all of these responsibilities at the same time. Have no fear though, burnout can be avoided. 

In 2019 it was time for me to explore new horizons so I left my job without anything lined up. I know this isn’t the best decision, but I promise I had good reasons.

At the time, one of my best friends recently went through a similar situation. She wrote me a letter detailing what life was like while taking a break from work. Both of us have been working ever since we were legally allowed to, so this whole “fun-employment” thing was a new adventure for both of us.

In that letter, she gave me three tips to keep in mind to avoid burnout: 
  1. Stay hydrated
  2. Look away from your computer
  3. Get up and get outside

Though these seem like simple tasks, when you are in the middle of your groove or feeling the rollercoaster of emotions that is burnout these self-care tasks can be the last things on your mind. Essentially, do less.

Breaks should be more than one hour for lunch and include more than these three things, but it’s the principle behind these tasks that make the difference. According to a study done by the Draugiem Group, they found that the most efficient workers are working at a ratio of 52 working minutes to 17 break minutes every day. If you’re working an eight or nine hour day, that translates to about seven or eight breaks. 

I think we can all agree that more breaks and more efficiency sounds way better than burnout and less efficiency. But never forget, truly never forget, because we all know it’s easy to, that it is not all on you. You can and you will get through this — you just have to trust yourself and those around you.

Since we’ve all been home for some time now, what are some of the steps you’ve taken to avoid burnout? Share your ideas! 



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