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Friendship Bucket lists

Hundreds of texts, dozens of conversations, and tons of plans are made between you and your friends, but so many are forgotten along the way. And, we say it’s time to make a change! If you have never created friendship bucket lists, now is the time — You won’t be disappointed. You can pull ideas from this list when making plans and you aren’t sure what to do together, or if you’re looking for something different to try outside of the normal friendship routine.

The idea to create a friendship bucket list actually stemmed from a relationship bucket list that I made with my boyfriend. Whenever we go somewhere or have a conversation and realize it’s something that either of us have always wanted to do or something that would be fun to do together, we add it to a shared note on both of our phones (thanks, Apple!). This part is essential. Both/all besties or bae’s need to have access to write ideas down, check off completed activities, and leave little notes of love and positivity for the other readers. This makes it more fun and easier for all parties to get involved and shares the good vibes. 

Once you’ve created your note or google doc, and added your friends, it’s time to think about some fun, new, exciting and delicious activities to fill it in. Think back to the last time you hung out with your friend(s). Did you talk about any plans that you haven’t done yet? Local trips? Drinks out?  Dinner in? Classes to try? Don’t be afraid to get creative, the sky is truly the limit with a bucket list. I like to add emojis to each of bucket list item to make it more personalized and fun to read. 

Here’s some examples from Ashley and I’s friendship bucket list for reference!
  • Wine making class
  • Go to a concert
  • Rooftop Movie
  • Fire on the beach
  • Beverly Hills Hotel for brunch
  • Museum of Dream Space 
  • Jammies, cooking and movie night
  • Paint and sip
  • Santa Barbara Trip
  • Bestie Psychic reading

When you’ve completed something on the list, be sure to check it off so you can track your progress! Again, I like to use check mark emojis for this. Bucket lists really help keep memories of times you and your friends shared together alive, “oh yeah, I remember the time we had dinner at that amazing restaurant a few years ago!” Utilize this bucket list as a tool and catalyst to grow your friendship, broaden your horizons, and explore new parts of the world. After all, we miss 100% of the shots, trips, brunches, and hang out sessions that you don’t take or remember so, we highly suggest you start writing them down!

If you find anything that we have to add to our bucket list, we always open to and encourage suggestions! What is on your personal bucket list?



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