The Donut Hole: Outer Circle Vs. Inner Circle Friends

Friendships are the most vital part of a woman’s life. No matter what you are going through, you always know your girls (or even guys) are there to carry you through. However, there are times where you would rather face it with one rather than the other, or trust to talk in confidence to those one or two women who really know you better than everybody else. You know those other friends are there for you no matter what, but timing, location and even personalities are deciding factors on who you want to keep closer to you, and who you would rather see once or twice a month. Having friends on all ends of the spectrum is normal, and it is what a therapist once called: The Donut Hole Theory.

You lost your best friend… now what? Friend Breakups 101

The saying rings true, that losing a best friend is worse than losing a man. The void in your heart from losing someone you either knew for a few months or more than a decade can be rather large. From personal experience, the relationships I have with my girlfriends have always meant more to me than the relationships I’ve developed with my significant others. As crazy as that may sound, a boyfriend simply does not understand you better than your closest girlfriend. Losing friends throughout your life is common, it is unfortunately a part of life. Honestly, to cut to the chase it really f**king sucks. You don’t really think someone you are insanely close with will suddenly be cut out of your life… but, here are some personal situations and tips as to how to help heal your soul during this difficult time.

Planning your BFF’s Birthday

Birthdays are about celebrating those around you just for being born — sounds like our kind of party! 

Organizing your bestie’s birthday may sound intimidating (because they deserve the world!) but, we promise, no matter what you do, he or she will simply be happy to spend quality time with you! Ashley planned Brooke’s 24th birthday and it was a day to remember! Come along the journey as we detail the best moments of our day of celebration and maybe you can use some of these ideas for your BFF’s next birthday!