Planning your BFF’s Birthday

Birthdays are about celebrating those around you just for being born — sounds like our kind of party! 

Organizing your bestie’s birthday may sound intimidating (because they deserve the world!) but, we promise, no matter what you do, he or she will simply be happy to spend quality time with you! Ashley planned Brooke’s 24th birthday and it was a day to remember! Come along the journey as we detail the best moments of our day of celebration and maybe you can use some of these ideas for your BFF’s next birthday!  

First Stop: Relaxation at the spa + dry bar

A: Around January, I decided to get into the planning mode of what I can possibly do to make Brooke’s birthday pretty special. I knew I wanted to spend the day together doing a bunch of fun activities, and I kept asking myself what could we possibly do? When it came down to it, I remembered activities we had put down on our bucket list, and also the things she had told me she wanted to do. It was a no brainer. 

Here is a huge tip: I made sure to plan a day a week before her birthday. There is no time limit on when to celebrate, however, I picked a day knowing we could both be together alone. Brooke is currently in a relationship, and naturally she would want to spend her birthday with her significant other. However, what if she wanted to spend the day with friends? Or with family? No matter the circumstance, never plan a day of surprises on the actual day. Keep it special!

How did I come up with ideas? Groupon! It helped a ton when figuring out something to do. When on the website, it showed me a really cool Korean Spa located in Downtown. It was clean, super big, and had a ton of fun sauna rooms. I knew Brooke would love it, as relaxing before the real day began was such a treat for the both of us. Knowing we did not have much time to get full body massages, I opted to get us foot massages. The day to day stress is not only in our brains, but we don’t think about how much our feet do! Brooke had also just come back from Banff (insert article here) so I knew she’d appreciate a good foot rub.

What I can say is this: don’t afford what you can’t plan. Plan according to your budget! But do know, when planning something for your friend, plan something that you know they will appreciate and enjoy. 

B: Up until the very last second the day was a surprise! For people who don’t like to be surprised, this is a great opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and go with the flow of the day. But, trusting in my best friend’s choices to plan a special day for me honestly felt so natural and showed me how much she really cares and listens. 

After picking me up from my place, Ashley and I ubered to the first location — A SPA. For starting the day around 9am, this was the perfect first stop. We explored different relaxation rooms and got blissful foot massages. We spent the entire morning here until we prepared to head over to Dry bar for blowouts and the relaxation continued. What. A. Dream. 

Next Stop: Drinks with a view at Sky Space

A: When planning the next activity, I thought to myself – what is unique, and something we definitely have on our list? I knew I wanted to end the day in Malibu, since Brooke absolutely loves being by the water. I kept looking, nothing other than a beach day sounded good but it was not on our list of activities and also, a beach day? How boring. I went on the list, and Skyspace kept calling out to me. How can we do Downtown if I want to be in Malibu? But, I made it work. After the spa (which was also in Downtown), I took us over to Drybar to get our hair done. What is a girls day without having our hair look fabulous?

Once we were done, we took a two minute Uber over to Skyspace. Brooke was ecstatic knowing we were doing something on our list, and we went in with our VIP tickets. I opted for getting us the Wine and Cheese Package, since we both bond over our love for wine. It was perfect. They allowed us to take our wine out to the skydeck and we had the best time talking for hours, drinking wine, taking pictures of each other… all while looking at a view of all of Los Angeles. It was perfect. I thought spending two hours here would be plenty of time, but we found more places to observe, we had plenty of wine and tons to talk about. We spent three solid hours there and had the best time! But, we had dinner plans at 6:00, and getting to Malibu is no hop, skip and a jump! It was time to go… to surprise number three.

B: Just down the block from Dry Bar was Sky Space. We ubered anyway, because who wants to ruin a fresh blow out?! Definitely not us, to be honest. We pull up to the entrance and I am still trying to figure out where we are. I knew Ashley planned something from our friendship bucket list, but I wasn’t sure what exactly. I see the sign for Sky Space and immediately get excited because I know this is something we have been talking about for months. 

The weather was supposed to be rainy, but it turned out to be a perfectly clear day so you could see all around LA for miles.We shared a small snack and a bottle of wine before sliding down the glass slide. Though short, it was definitely worth the 10 minute wait (note: there was no line when we arrived around 2 pm on a Saturday). It was the perfect place to spend the afternoon catching up and soaking in the sunshine. 

Final Stop: Dinner at Nobu 

A: If I had a dollar for how many times Brooke has told me she loves Nobu Malibu, I’d be a millionaire. It was absolutely a no brainer that I would take her there for her birthday dinner. I had called a month in advance on the dot (since you have to, unless you are a celebrity).

It could not have been more perfect. We had arrived forty-five minutes before our reservation time to enjoy a cocktail by the water. Nobu in Malibu on a Sunday is always insanely crowded, and I had a gut feeling we would not get a table right by the water. It was a beautiful day, and I knew just having our drinks by the water would be perfect enough. 

Once we got our table, I took the lead on ordering. First, it is only polite to not have your birthday guest triple check prices, while order something cheap in feeling guilty for not paying. This is why I seriously advise going somewhere you can afford! We got plenty of food, got very drunk off some very nice sake, and simply enjoyed being together. I made sure to advise the restaurant of her allergy restrictions for dessert. It was simply the perfect ending to an amazing day. 

B: It was the final stop of the evening. Malibu was a known fact, but where could we be going? Mastros? Passed it. Moonshadows? Passed it. Never in my wildest dreams thought we were going to Nobu Malibu and to say I was excited when we rolled up is an understatement. 

After enjoying an amazing day with my bestie, we ended the festivities with one of our favorite things, sushi, and one of my personal favorite things, a stunning view. Anyone who knows me (and now you!) knows I love and deeply appreciate amazing views and scenery. 

While we were waiting for our table, we enjoyed drinks on the patio overlooking the beach and sunset. Once seated, Ashley took the lead ordering, starting with sake and appetizers. Anthony Davis from the Lakers ended up sitting right behind us so that was really fun! Ashley got in trouble by the security guards for trying to take a picture. Though we almost got kicked out for a second, it was hilarious to say the least. 

Anyway, dinner was absolutely lovely between the food, the drinks, and the company… I wouldn’t have traded this day for anything. Thank you Ashley, for planning such a wonderful day of surprises and giving me memories that will last a lifetime (and that I can write in our blog)! 

Our question for you is, what have you done for your friends or family for their birthdays that we should try? We love suggestions and we love celebrating birthdays!