“Hey, do you want to start a blog?”

“Let’s do it!”

… and here we are. Thanks for hanging out with us!

We believe that time defines everything, however when it comes to relationships it seems as though time does not have any certain limit. Many of us have come across friendships or partnerships that have gone at exponential speeds; whether it be at the speed of light or at the speed of a snail.

Ashley and Brooke met in March of 2019. From the moment they met, they knew this friendship came exactly when it needed to — just after completing college and pursuing unique paths they never could have predicted. Through the ever changing roller coaster that is life, they found themselves riding in the same coaster, seated right next to each other at just the right time. A bestieship blossomed.

Through many months of opening up, getting to know each other and developing an unbreakable bond, they found that they had one thing in common: relationships. Not just with a significant other, but the way they pursued relationships with their friends, family, boyfriends, colleagues, the world, and most importantly; with each other and themselves.

This blog was created to allow them explore their relationships and personal experiences that they feel will help those in need of an ear or a hand. They want to invite you into their friendship, and come along with their minds as they dive into the intricacies of personal relationships.

We are on a mission to bring the world together in a unified and diverse space of experiences, ideas, opinions, advice, and open discussion. Follow along as we explore the minds of society, specifically into the relationships we encounter every day, with others and with ourselves.

Welcome to The Collective Chronicles.

Individuality is the key to life, meet A & B!


Growing up in Southern California, Ashley has always found herself immersed with friends, colleagues and individuals of various cultures, backgrounds and life stories. Her objective in life: listen to as many stories she possibly can. Graduating from Loyola Marymount University with a degree in English and minor in Psychology, the human mind and storytelling has always been her passion in life. Her friends and family help keep her grounded, and have always sparked many topics that have inspired her to want to become a writer.

Throughout her twenty-four years of existence, Ashley has traveled to many countries. Traveling let her meet a ton of people that have influenced her heart, soul and future interactions in both her love life and personal life. Moving from one part of Los Angeles to another ultimately led her to face new challenges, meet new people and discover herself beyond another level.

Writing this blog alongside her best friend Brooke is a dream come true. Envisioning this for years and finally having it come into fruition is a huge milestone, and she cannot wait for her mind and her world to be shared with all of you.

“I cannot wait to take you to my soap-opera world. I hope you find it as entertaining as I do!”



Brooke moved across the country from Philadelphia to Los Angeles at 22 as a fresh graduate from Temple University. Her goal wasn’t to escape or run from anything, but to run towards life and explore it to the fullest.

Her passion for travel and adventure takes her to locations beyond her wildest dreams and provides her the ability to try new cuisines (omg, the food!), explore local attractions, and make friends from all around the globe. She loves expanding her mind to different thoughts, ideas, and life norms, so why go somewhere twice while there’s an entire world to explore?

Fast forward several years and tons of trials, tribulations, travels, and triumphant moments later, Brooke’s post-grad life is thriving. She has now created the unique opportunity with her bestie, Ashley, to pursue a digital baby (The Collective Chronicles). Today, Brooke takes each day by the storm, and makes her dreams come true one flight… one conversation… one chronicle… at a time.

“Come along for the journey as we learn how everyday is a good day to have a good day”