Self Care at Home – Getting down to basics

When you work from home, or are quarantined like we are currently, it is important to break the normal routine. Do something different and stretch your mind and body in the process! 

Here are few actions that are sure to bring health, happiness, alignment and a bit of calm to each day. Choose a few to sprinkle into your week, knowing that you’re doing your very best to stay centered while cozying up or working from home.


  1. Take your vitamins 
  2. Host a virtual or solo dance party
  3. Make a cup of tea: Our favorite is Kilogram Organic 333 with a beautiful and relaxing blend of rosehips, chamomile and peppermint
  4. Complete a workout or yoga session: Movement is medicine
  5. Do a face mask
  6. Take a walk: Let the sun hit your face and explore the local area at your leisure
  7. Do something crafty: Knitting, sewing, painting, building, anything!
  8. Burn a candle with your favorite scent: We are obsessed with Benevolence and what they stand for 
  9. Go for a drive: Just you and the open road, no destination required
  10. Activate your self-soothing system: Stroke your own arm or forehead, so relaxing


  1. Meditate: Focus on your breathing while sitting with a straight back in a peaceful setting. The calm app is great for guided sessions!
  2. Read a new book or re-read an old favorite
  3. Do a puzzle 
  4. Quality time with quality people: Plan Zoom or FaceTime meetings with your friends and family, it’s important to connect with others during this time even if it’s virtually! Drink of choice is highly encourage 
  5. Organize: Your closet, your kitchen, bathroom cabinets, everything! What doesn’t bring you joy, goes. 
  6. Learn how to cook a new meal: and, hello fresh doesn’t count!
  7. Enjoy your self-care routine: Take the time to relax and give yourself some TLC by spending a few extra minutes ensuring your batteries are charged
  8. Listen to a feel good playlist: Fun fact, Brooke’s is called “🍌” 
  9. Create a gratitude list: What is everything that you are grateful for and why?
  10. Pay complete attention to something you might have otherwise done on autopilot

What are ways you like to do self care at home?



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