Self Care Routines: We all have them… Here are Ours

Life is hard enough as it is, so we shouldn’t be on ourselves. Whether it comes in the form of bubble baths, meditation, dancing, or journaling, a self-care routine is meant to relax your mind and heart from the non-stop world that is zooming all around us. 

Ashley and Brooke both have unique perspectives on what self-care means to them. One as a regular routine and the other as a lifestyle with daily choices. While reading their favorite aspects of self-care, take a moment to reflect and think about how you can focus on recharging your internal batteries.

Brooke: Listen to your body

We try to take care of ourselves as best as we can, meantally, physically, and spiritually. In order to take care of all aspects of myself, I like to live a life where self-care and self-love are a top priority. I feel like if I don’t take care of myself and my energy, how can I take care of those around me? After all, you can’t pour from an empty cup! 

With this being said, I choose to consciously (and now subconsciously) practice self-care every day to ensure my mind, body, and soul have exactly what it needs to operate happily and healthily. From the moment I wake up until I fall asleep I give myself some TLC through an array of techniques such as positive self-talk, healthy skin care approaches, breaks at work, plenty of exercise, hydration, and mindful breathing, but the steps I take each day vary depending on my needs. 

It’s really about listening to your body and what your needs are. Not hungry for breakfast? Try intermittent fasting. Back hurting from sitting too much? Get up and walk around (remember, movement is medicine!). Too much screen time? Go outside and look as far as you can for a few minutes. This is one that I particularly struggle with, especially when I get into my groove at work, but luckily I have friends, family, and co-workers who encourage me to take breaks and look away from my computer. (Has anyone tried blue light glasses? I need to get a pair!)

Almost every problem has a solution so when I’m looking to incorporate new self-care techniques into my daily life I ask myself 4 things:
  1. What does my body need?
  2. Why is this happening? 
  3. How can I satisfy this need? 
  4. What can I fit within my lifestyle to prevent this from happening again in the future? 

These questions give me the answers to the most important questions about what my body is lacking or needs more of. Of course, every night I wash my face, brush my teeth 2-3 times a day and repaint my nails weekly, but I view a self-care routine as so much more than that. Truly though, as long as you are showing yourself some love, there really is no wrong way to go about it. One thing Ashley and I definitely agree on is that you come first

I hope this article helps you think of new and fun ways you can incorporate self-care into your everyday life. If you have any suggestions, I love to try new things! 

Ashley: Daily Habits that Keep Me Sane

For me, I have always found that sticking to a day and night self care routine has always brought me a sense of peace. Everyone has their own form of self-care, whether it be sticking to a step by step skincare routine, a once a week spa night at home, or just incorporating things into your daily life. Self care has a different definition to each individual, and there is simply no wrong way of doing it. When discussing self care routines with Brooke, we could not see eye to eye on this piece because we have very different ways of self care! Yet, what was exciting was we thought, why not write about what self care means to us, and how we do take care of ourselves? Here is how I take care of myself both in the morning and at night. I hope you enjoy!

  1. First, I wake up in the morning and make both my boyfriend and I some coffee
  2. I then wait for it to brew, and write my check list for the day of what I would like to accomplish. Sometimes, I don’t do everything on the list, but realize it is okay! Knowing you have goals is a goal itself!
  3. Then, I prepare my breakfast. I am not much of a morning eater, but having my daily greens, fiber shots and protein shake is something I know is good for my body – so I make it a daily goal to always have those every single day.
  4. I then go to my usual morning facial routine. Growing up with acne, I always made a huge point to take care of my skin. What I have learned is that every skin type is different and what works for me, may not work for you!
    1. First, I wash my face with a morning face wash. At the moment I am using Ole Henriksen Morning Face Wash
    2. Then, I move on to using a facial mist. I do not use toners, especially in the morning because they dry me out a ton! Mario Badescu Facial Spray 
    3. Then, I move onto my favorite step… this has become a new staple in my morning routine! I have been stepping back from using makeup everyday, and I do struggle from a bit of redness in my T-Zone! I found this product that helps minimize my redness and makes my skin look flawless! Dr. Jart’s Tiger Grass Color Correcting
    4. Finally, I use a basic moisturizer. I am not going to link it since it is not currently my favorite… which brings me to ask what your favorite daytime moisturizer is!?
  1. I cannot, and I mean cannot emphasize a nighttime routine. First off, god knows what has touched your skin, and makeup is the skin’s ultimate worst enemy! Even when I’ve had a night blacked out, I have always made it a priority to make sure I stick to my nighttime routine, and my skin has thanked me for it. Here is my nighttime routine:
    1. First, I take my makeup off using makeup wipes. I am currently obsessed with Billie’s makeup wipes! Billie Facial Wipes
    2. Then, I move onto my face wash. I do switch between face washes depending on my day! If I am wearing makeup, I use Origin’s Frothy Face Wash alongside my Tao Clean Beauty Exfoliating Brush. Keep in mind, I exfoliate my skin two-three times a week. It is seriously not good for your skin to be exposed like that, and it can cause major skin damage! However, if I am not wearing makeup, I use a more simple cleanser TAO Brush Origins Frothy Face Wash PlantGenius Cleanser 
    3. Then, I use the same facial mist from my morning routine…
    4. Finally, I use my new all time favorite product… CBD oil. I cannot stress how much this oil has changed my skin. It has cleared my skin, has helped lock in unreal moisture and is such a treat to put on. It lasts me a good 2-3 months! Emerald CBD

So that concludes my self-care! It is pretty simple, and something that keeps me sane throughout the week. Knowing I have something every morning and every night is something to look forward to… and it is just 20-30 minutes of my day! Remember, take care of yourself! You come first.

If you have a skincare or self care routine… what products and practices do you love? Which route of self-care do you prefer?



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